Archetype Educational Avatars

Archetype Education Avatars can offer this and more through a collaborative system and dynamic 3D imagery which captivates the students and promote learning in an enjoyable and interactive way.
In part, due to the recent global emergency and lockdown, digital technology and the capacity to virtually interact, learn and work has greatly accelerated. With that acceleration of technology and application the need to interact on a human level has also greatly increased.
For students with limited mobility, such as disabilities and special needs, for students who are phisically or socially isolated, such as women who may not be able to participate in formal schooling, Archetype Educational Avatars offer learning without interruptions or barriers.

Archetype Educational Avatars completely immerse the student within the virtual learning world by providing a native 3D imagery that looks and feel real over ominichannel platforms, computer, tablet, cell phone, and is available whenever, in whathever language the student desire.

o   Ability to read and write text 
o   Ability to listen and speak
o   3D imagery, movement and emotional expression
o   IOT (Machine, Environment, Sensorial)

Archetype Educational Avatar is a virtual 3D animated instructor that appears in real time with the ability to express emotion through voice, gesture and movement in multiple languages in order to facilitate the learning process and deliver the educational content. 
Archetype Educational Avatar is reactive and adaptive and can interpret the mood, humor and attitude of the student – are they motivated, are they tired, are they confused – and modifyed the conditions, format and delivery of the material in real time to  best engage the studenti in the most effective and empathetic manner. 

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