Healthcare without constraints.

Imagine a world where confident and reliable information about the care and management of a patient is always available to the medical professional through a familiar Archetype Avatar which is continuously updated and can respond 24 hours a day.Imagine a healthcare environment where healthcare workers and professionals have access to the latest and most effective training and information.

Archetype has developed an AI technology which replicates a person in every aspect – face, voice and personality – that can either be based on a known medical professional from the real world or created entirely in the virtual world.

Archetype Avatars are built using the most current and reliable medical, scientific and pharmacological information which is continuously updated and available to medical professional and staff , whenever and wherever needed, without appointments, interruptions or physical constraints.

The possibilities are infi nite, fuelled by imagination.

Archetype Health System can be accessed from different platforms, but its main user interface is based on avatar assistants able to interact with end-user and answer their questions.

The Main Archetype Health Avatar features are:

The personalized Archetype Health System. Avatar recognises the environment and the characteristics of the interlocutors and audience, and reacts accordingly using Artificial intelligence (AI) and ArtificialEmotion (AE) technology.

The emotional behaviour of the user is continuously monitored to allow the Avatar to modify its responses and answers, accordingly.

The Archetype Health System Avatar is a 3D, full human figure, able to react in real time and to interact with doctors and medical professionals in an almost human-like manner.

Basic text information can be enriched with additional multimedia and multimodal content as a compliment to the advanced features of the Archetype Health System Avatar.

Using a customized Text-to-Speech (TTS) with advanced Emotional-Response Technology (ERT) the voice, expression, intonation and use of jargon emulates a real human speaker.

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