Education & Training

Can you imagine a world…
  • where education and training is available to everyone without linguistic, spacial or temporal barriers;
  • where the student can converse with the instructor whenever they want;
  • where the instructor is emphatetic and can address each student’s specific needs;
  • where the investiment in education and training constitutes a fundamental asset for the student, family, organization and community.

Archetype Educational Avatars can offer this and more through a collaborative system and dynamic 3D imagery which captivates the students and promote learning in an enjoyable and interactive way.

In part, due to the recent global emergency and lockdown, digital technology and the capacity to virtually interact, learn and work has greatly accelerated. With that acceleration of technology and application the need to interact on a human level has also greatly increased.

For students with limited mobility, such as disabilities and special needs, for students who are phisically or socially isolated, such as women who may not be able to participate in formal schooling, Archetype Educational Avatars offer learning without interruptions or barriers.

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