Avatar Assistant

What can an Archetype Avatar Assistant do for you?

Archetype has developed an avatar with an integrated Artificial Intelligence system that can converse and has a unique personality.
Virtual assistants and avatars are now common place on the internet: they guide us, they instruct us and they inform us based on a fixed presentation of a real person. .
Archetype Avatars go one step beyond these simple task performers. Archetype Avatars are anthropomorphic virtual participants in the learning and information exchange process that are capable of forming personalized relationships with the users.

An Archetype Avatar can be a unique and distinct avatar which only exist in the virtual world, or it can be a virtual elaboration of a real person.
As such, each Archetype Avatar is created to be a distinctive representative that gives the most appealing and appropriate face to the values and services of your company.

Archetype Avatar is a human-like avatar with emotions, expressions, gestures and movements, built from advanced 3D graphic engineering with cinema graphic quality. Thanks to this technology we are free to create avatars which reflect the entire range of humanity: any tone, any gender, any size, any age, and any personality.


For example, if you want an Archetype Avatar for children in elementary programs we can create a 3D expressive avatar as in storybooks, for teenagers in high school we can create a unique and unusual avatar from the pages of comic books, and for adults in the business world we can create a hyper-realistic avatar which conforms to professional comportment and dress-codes.

All Archetype Avatars are endowed with an evolving Artificial Intelligence and have the competence and human-like personality to best represent your project.

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