Archetype Avatar*human-like communication

Intelligent Archetype Avatars with emotion and personality.

AI human-like communication is not only an integration of text and voice but also includes non-verbal communication, for example gestures, expressions, and body positions. Even when the information is the same for everyone, such as a price discount, the emotions that each person may feel can be unique. Archetype Avatars are human-like conversations because they transmit and receive both information and associated emotions.

What are the elements which create a functional and enjoyable interactive experience?
Archetype has identified the key elements of knowledge, dialog, emotion, context, and feedback. Integrated with technology Archetype Avatars are able to effectively manage the information flow in a way that creates a unique user experience.

Archetype Avatars allow the provider to manage both the information flow and emotional interaction giving a much higher and better quality experience to a much larger range of users. Moreover, the provider has greater quality control, product placement and information management.

How does a chatbot or virtual assistant function? You ask a question and receive a response. But human dialog is not solely based on Q&A. Archetype is amongst the few, if not the only, platform which is capable of managing different types of dialogs, from simple Q&A to full conversations.

Our principal instrument for interaction, as humans, is based on emotions. Archetype is able to provide an Avatar with its own unique personality which can change its emotional responses according to the context. Furthermore, the Archetype Avatar is able to read the emotional responses and moods of the user and adapt itself according.

Up until now AI has been dependant on machine learning to train virtual assistants. While efficient, this common method requires a lot of time and a massive amount of data, often which the company does not have at its disposal. Archetype has developed a technology and methodology which reduces the time and data required to create a new, fast and efficient Avatar.

The same phrase may evoke different emotional responses or have different implications depending on the contexts in which it has been used. Archetype Avatars* are able to read different contexts and adapt answers and respond appropriately.

To build a human-like avatar with emotions, expressions, gestures and movements, Archetype uses the most advanced 3D graphic engineering with a cinema graphic quality to create an Avatar which is almost real.

Knowledge, dialog, emotion and context permit the Archetype Avatar* to establish a meaningful relationship with the individual user. More importantly, continue feedback analysis allows the Archetype Avatar* to adapt and evolve throughout the course of this relationship.

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