Ethical approach

Can you imagine a world where everyone has access to information and instruction regardless of where they live?

In remote places where there are few school, libraries, museums, cultural and sportive centres and health clinics Archetype’s goal is to make information and instruction available for all, thereby improving the quality of life.
Archetype has created instruments which permit anyone, to participate in ongoing learning and have access to information about general hygiene, critical health, social, legal and other practical services.
Furthermore, effective distance education greatly reduces the need for either the student or the professor to travel. As well as reducing the carbon footprint, it also has very positive impact on people who might otherwise not be able to go to school.

The Archetype solution is to create Avatars which are not constrained by time and space and are current and continuously updated. Archetype imagines a world with no information disparity even among those physically and socially isolated.

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