Human-like interaction

What makes Archetype Avatar so special?

Archetype Avatars use a dynamic system of human-like communication which integrates both verbal and non-verbal aspects of languages essential to the wholistic experience. As the science of psych-linguistics has taught us, the spoken word informs our surface level of understanding whereas, non-verbal communication touches us deeply on the emotional and unconscious level.
Of course both levels are essential to the human communication process. Archetype Avatars read the person’s reactions, tones and non-verbal responses modified its own responses and attitudes to create the most effective relationship and communication flow.
Archetype Avatars go well beyond reading and writing to emulate human communication with all of its subtle and profound nuances, and it is possible in any language.
As in the television series “Lie to me” where the protagonist Tim Roth has the capacity to read and interpretate the facial expressions, gestures and postures of people, Archetype Avatars using advanced AI system based on the science of phsyc-linguist, can do likewise.

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