Contact center

Archetype Proactive Contact Center

Archetype introduces the Empathetic Agent for Contact Center: a perfect bridge between an automated system and human operators.The traditional Contact Center with its human operators has persisted in spite of every attempt at replacing it with fully automated systems. At the end of the day, when people have a question or need a problem resolved they do not want to contact an impersonal, lifeless machine. On the other hand, an automatic system has certain advantages: standardization of information, management of large traffic volume, speed of response and cost efficiency.
Archetype create a Empathetic Agent for Contact Center which bridges the gap between the efficiency of technology and human interaction.
Archetype Empathetic Agent can address question, suggest solution and resolve problems with the speed and accurancy of technology while trasmitting the understanding and empathy of a real person, at any hour and in any language.
The Archetype Empathetic
Agent is programmed to always be ready with the correct information or to offer suggestions to the client based on the content, tone and form of their interaction. The result is a Contact Center ecosystem which emphathizes with the client concerns in the most efficient and accurate way possible.
This is what makes the client interaction with the Archetype Avatar both meaningful and satisfying.

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