Archetype bringing technology alive.

Artificial Empathy has modified the potential of Artificial Intelligence creating Avatars which are truly engaging and interactive.

Archetype is a revolutionary platform which blends technological functionality and human comprehension to give us innovative channels which evolve fully engaging the user in the information flow and format.

No longer is the user locked into static programs. Archetype Artificial Intelligence has the capacity to manipulate human languages to be able to communicate in tune with the person.
Archetype embraces this concept with state-of-the-art Avatar technology which integrates Natural Language Process (NLP) including advanced voice recognition and vocal synthesisation, expression and gestures with cinematographic quality that interfaces with the person and their environment.

Of course, this is never enough. We have studied a specific approach to psych-linguistic dialog that permits our intelligent Avatar to establish an empathic relationship with the human user creating a platform which is more engaging.

What are the applications that everyone can use?
First, and most immediate, is the education sector where the learner is better connected and involved. This is value-added for children in an elementary school, teenagers in high school, and adult in higher education, business and technical training courses.
Archetype has been designed to give learners an interactive experience with excellent results.

But this interactive potential is not only useful in the educational sector. Think about how this revolutionary technology can be used in tourism, retail, and even in the pharmaceutical sector. Archetype can be used in anyway to enhance your learning and drive your imagination.

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